This Week at PSA!

We will have our first meeting of the year Thursday, August 23, in the Linville Falls room of the student union from 6:45 - 8:15. The topic will be what is paganism. If anyone has something from their religion that you would like to bring to show people ( like show and tell) that would be awesome.

The PSA is excited to see all the new and returning members in the fall and to be back in our old meeting spot, Linville Falls Room!

Check out our video bellow, made by one of our AWESOME members!

For more pictures of the PSA click here

Purpose of the PSA:  The purpose of the Appalachian State University Pagan Student Association (PSA) is to provide a community for individuals involved with or interested in alternative belief systems and to provide a safe environment for all personal belief systems.

Purpose of the PSA Website: This website is here to provide a community for the Appalachian State University Pagan Student Association outside of club meetings. Here members and perspective members may communicate about past and future club events and discussion topics as well as understand the clubs purpose.

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If classes are canceled due to snow or other such nasty things, the PSA will not be meeting :(

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