This year the the Halloween Ball will take place like usual only this time the Nerd Network will also be helping out.

October 29
Whitewater Cafe (inside the PSU)
admission: $5

This is a costume dance, there will be a costume contest for best female, best male, and most unique costumes.

If you would like to make a flyer for this event they are due September 29 AT THE MEETING.  If you flyer is selected your admission to the dance will be waved.
the flyers must contain the full name of both clubes (Pagan student association and nerd network), time and date, location, admission, and that there will be a costume contest (with prizes). 
Also, please do not use any copyrighted images in your flyer and please make them clear and readable.

Flyers turned in should have a black and white copy in addition to a color copy (if there is no color that is fine but there MUST be a black and white copy)