The Constitution

The Constitution serves as the code of the club, within the constitution are the rules for which the officers of the club must follow in leading the club as well as the expected behavior of the club members. 

The constitution is provided here so that members and prespective members will have access to it.

ASU Pagan Student Association Constitution

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Appalachian State University Pagan Student Association, also known as the acronym PSA.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of the PSA is to provide a community for individuals involved with or interested in alternative belief systems  and to provide a safe environment for all personal belief systems. We strive to promote religious acceptance and diversity.

Article III: Functions

By majority vote of the PSA, the club may aim to fulfill any and all of these roles:

§ Serve for areas of discussion about topics outlined in the mission statement.
§ Provide students with a place to meet new friends of similar background or beliefs.
§ Invite Guest Speakers.
§ Organize Field Trips.
§ Teach willing participants about the club's subject matter.
§ Offer Opportunities to participate and learn about Religious Rituals.
§ Network with other Student Clubs across the State.
§ Insure the preservation of the club.
§ Facilitate Community Service Activities to better both the campus and the Boone environment.

Article IV: Membership Requirements

Anyone may join the PSA; 51% of the club MUST be ASU students. To join, one must agree to the following expectations:

1. Member dues are $5 per semester.
2. Members and their guests must agree to respect all club attendees and their beliefs.
3. Members shall endeavor to use civil means by which to state opinions.
4. Members reserve the right to disclose their personal beliefs at their own discretion.
5. Members are expected to maintain confidentiality of other club attendees.
6. Members are expected to be respectful at all times.

Article V: Membership Responsibilities

1. To be attentive and maintain a positive and open minded atmosphere.
2. Members are expected to contribute to club learning experiences and workshops.

Article VI: Officer Duties

The president is in charge of the flow of the meetings. They are primarily responsible for planning the meeting topics, along with the aid of the other officers. S/He is also responsible for planning and running the officer meetings. The President has authorization to sign for the bank account/money related issues. S/He must attend the Club Council’s presidential meetings if available. S/He can request for other officers to take on new tasks as needed. Lastly, the president is primarily responsible for making sure official kinds of paperwork (turned in to the Office of Student Programs and CSIL) are put in on time. The President is also required to attend multicultural roundtable meetings and other events.
Average minimum weekly time commitment: 6-8  hours a week (2 hours for the officers meeting and club meeting and at least 4 hours for other club related tasks).
IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the nature of this office, a first semester freshman at ASU cannot hold this office.

Vice President:
If the president is unavailable or otherwise unable to attend to official club business, the VP takes over. This includes planning and running club meetings, officer’s meetings, attending Club Council Presidential meetings, and managing official paperwork (to be turned in to the Office of Student Programs or CSIL). The VP can be granted access to the bank account in the event of a lengthy absence of the President (due to prolonged illness, class problems, and otherwise extenuating circumstances).
Average minimum weekly time commitment: 3-4 hours a week (2 hours for the officers meeting and club meeting and up to 2 hours for other club related tasks).
IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the nature of this office, a first semester freshman at ASU cannot hold this office.

The secretary takes notes during club meetings (also called minutes) to document the meeting for absent members. While not sent out every week, these minutes should be available upon request to be sent to members via email. The secretary also sends out official, club-related emails upon request by the officers. S/He is responsible for taking attendance at the meetings and should maintain a spreadsheet of absences, working closely with the Guardian (see below) to determine if a club member needs to be contacted.
Average minimum time commitment: 3-5 hours a week (2 hours for the officers meeting and club meeting, up to 3 additional hours for management of communications and attendance).

The treasurer collects dues, manages finances, and keeps a record of who has paid dues or made donations to the club. S/He also has access to the bank account.
Average minimum time commitment: 2.5-3 hours a week (2 hours for officer and club meetings, .5-1 hour for management of expenditures).


Event Coordinator
The Event Coordinator is responsible for organizing club related events such as the Halloween and Masquerade Balls  and any other similar events. S/he should expect to work closely with the treasurer. S/he is responsible for  obtaining and keeping copies of applications for reserving space, advertising events ,etc.  All documents should be kept in an organized folder for quick reference and easy access.  The Event Coordinator is responsible for knowing the rules of advertising and decorating in all possible event locations, as well as keeping track of all decorations bought with club funds. S/he is expected to be present for set up and take down at all club events.  S/he will be responsible for organizing committees to assist with the events, and in the event  that the Coordinator cannot be present s/he must find a replacement.
Average minimum time commitment: Varies but will be greater near event time
IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the nature of this office the Event Coordinator cannot be a freshman or first year member.

The Herald is the public relations officer, and is responsible for representing the club in public settings. It would be preferable if this person has diversity training, as they will be responsible for answering sometimes sensitive questions regarding the club’s stance on a variety of topics. S/He is responsible for announcing the beginning of the meetings, maintaining the order within the meetings (bringing the focus back to the topic at hand). At the beginning of the meetings, the Herald will make announcements on behalf of other club members, and must be notified about the desire for these announcements to be made prior to the start of the meeting. After business has been concluded, the Herald announces the end of the meeting.
Average minimum time commitment: 3-4 hours a week (2 hours for the officer and club meetings, up to 2 additional hours for other club related tasks).


The Librarian is also known as a Historian, and is responsible for managing the website, facebook group, photo album, and scrapbook. Any individual who runs for the office should have at least a working knowledge of HTML coding. Photography interest or experience would be nice. S/He should attend all major club events for the purpose of documentation.
Average minimum time commitment: 3-4 hours a week (2 hours for the officer and club meetings and up to 2 hours for management of online and paper resources).

The Guardian observes and attends to the club energy during the meetings and at club-sponsored events. S/He brings attention to situations prior to those situations getting out of control and turning into emotionally charged issues. The guardian greets new members and visitors and welcomes each individually to the club. This officer should have a good idea of who to direct individuals with questions to. The Guardian works closely with the Secretary to know which club members may be missing for an extended period of time and will contact those individuals to check on their wellbeing. S/He should notify the other officers whenever situations arise that need to be addressed in club or outside of club meetings. In the event that the Guardian is missing, the rest of the officers take over her/his responsibilities.
Average minimum time commitment: 3-5 hours a week (2hours for the officer and club meetings, and up to 3 additional hours a week to attend to member and club situations).

The purpose of  the Apprentice is to  prepare him/her for the responsibility of being an officer the following year. S/he is expected to attend all officer meetings so that s/he can gain an understanding of the responsibilities of each position. S/he will occasionally be required to accompany or assist various officers in their tasks.  The Apprentice should anticipate being an officer in the future.
Average minimum time commitment: 2-3 hours a week (2 hours for the officer and club meetings, and 1 hour for additional club tasks)


Article VII: Elections/Voting

1. Elections will be held once a year by the last meeting in September (close to Mabon).
2. One entire meeting will be devoted to voting.
3. Nominations for Officer Positions will be open for 2 weeks.
a. Club members must have dues paid by elections if they wish to run for office.
b. Club members may be nominated for no more than three positions.
c. First semester club members may no be nominated for President or Vice President.
d. Club members can nominate themselves or others.
e. Nominees must publicly accept the nominations.
f. Nominees have the option to decline their nomination at any time prior to voting, even if they have previously accepted.
4. The Order of the Electoral Meeting will be as follows:
a. Last Minute nominations will be accepted.
b. Nominees will be asked to confirm the acceptance of their nomination.
c. Nominees not present for the electoral meeting will have their nomination revoked, unless the existing club officers are notified of extenuating circumstances. In this circumstance the nominee may run in absentia through a representative.
d. Beginning with the presidential nominee each position will be filled prior to moving to the next. The positions should be filled in this order: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Coordinator, Herald, Librarian, Guardian,  Apprentice.
e. Beginning with presidential nominees, the nominees will be introduced to the club and asked to give short speeches regarding their qualifications and experiences.
f. After giving their introduction statements the presidential nominees will leave the room, the club members are given the opportunity to ask for clarifications about the nominees and makes statements in support of them.
g. Faculty Advisor will request that members close their eyes while the actual voting is taking place and the vote is taken by a count of raised hands by the faculty advisor.
5. Once a member has been elected to an office all other nominations are dropped.
6. If the case occurs where the positions of Librarian, Herald, and Guardian are not filled, emergency nominations will be taken. If still not filled, then an officer can take multiple positions, as long as they are of the aforementioned three and only those three.
7. An officer’s status may be called into question for misconduct or negligibility by a referendum called for by 51% of the club’s members; an officer my then be removed if the vote is against him or her by two-thirds vote.

Article VIII: Committees

The PSA allows for the formation of any committees the club deems necessary. Documentation of any committee(s) must be attached to that year’s minutes.

Article IX: Faculty Advisor (TBA: Waiting on Advisor’s Notes)

v The Faculty Advisor must attend elections, but may not vote.
v The Faculty Advisor’s role in PSA is a versatile one, set upon the advisor’s time and willingness to participate.

Article X: Meeting Procedure

There is no concrete procedure for club meetings. Below is a sample outline.

1. Call to Order
2. Short Business (If Any)
3. Upcoming Activities
4.Educational Seminar

Article XI: Standardized Meeting Time

Meeting times may vary, but meetings must take place at least once a month. Separate meeting times for various events, both formal and informal, may be delegated.
Informal religious rituals may be announced during meetings; rituals performed as a club MUST be open to all members. However, no member may be expected to attend rituals.

Article XII: Amendments

§ The constitution must be voted upon for ratification.
§ Changes MUST be submitted to all Officers in writing and voted on before going to the club.
§ Members may propose bills and call for referendums.
§ The voting must take place after the member presents his or her case before the club and a discussion/question session follows thereafter.
§ 51% of the club must vote in favor of the bill in order to amend the constitution

Article XIII: Ratification

Article XIV: Supremacy Clause
The Pagan Student Association is subject to the policies and procedures of ASU and the Club Council.

Article XV: Elastic Clause

The officers reserve the right to form sub-groups and/or committees with a specific intent of exploration and revision of club interests.

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